“This cover is the best investment I’ve made yet with regard to boating. I can have the boat unwrapped and ready to go into the water before the lift goes all the way down. It keeps the boat clean and allows me to enjoy the water rather than cleaning up the boat before I go out on it. I’ve had several folks on the dock who are now jealous of it and want
one. I’m very satis ed with it and would recommend the purchase. As the often quoted saying goes… The time spent on the lake is not deducted from one’s time on earth…”
Wayne N.
28’ Cobalt & 24 Pontoon
“The boat cover is well designed and well made. I am amazed at the strong stitching and perfect placement of the openings for lines and cleats. The three holes in the front top of the cover above the front hull allows for wind to go through the cover rather than sway the boat. The cover keeps the boat clean and is the best protection for the boat’s nish on the market. It is the best boat cover to protect our big investment in our 35’ Formula.”
Jeannie D.
35’ Formula
“Wanted to drop you a line and let you know the boat cover works great. When trying to cover (with my old cover) my 40 PC by myself I found it to be exhausting to say the least. With the new cover I can do it by myself in about ve minutes with very little effort. I have only used it for about four weeks before I had to winterize the boat but every time I covered it I got a little faster at it. Thanks for your service.
Bruce G.
40’ Formula PC
I bought my cover in the summer of 2008 and my family and I absolutely love it. It keeps our boat clean from top to bottom. Taking it off and putting it on is easy and only takes a few minutes. I love the way it has a zipper to close and
a rope to cinch up the bottom. It has built in vents to let the boat breathe, so not to let mildew build up if you have wet carpet or storage. I have had many compliments by other people about how nice it is and how easy it is to put on and take off. I would highly recommend this product to protect your boat because it is a big investment and you would like ti to hold its value. Your boat will keep its luster because no harmful sun gets to any part of it. Rating :10
Jim S.
34’ Cobalt
After investigating a number of alternatives, I choose Marine Concepts due to durability, ease of use and value. After one year of use, the cover performs like new and my cruiser stays clean of dirt and spiders. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
Scott W.
39’ Sea Ray
It is the best feeling coming to the lake and not immediately needing to spend hours cleaning the boat before doing anything else. The boat is always as clean as you left it. It was money well spent and it has allowed me to enjoy my time at the lake even more.
Matt. W
420 Sea Ray