From start to finish, the making your boat cover will undergo a complete custom process that will tailor to the shape and size of your boat. We create a custom 3D digital rendering of your boat using our innovative software. This data turns into a 3D design of your boat, which will be computerized and transitioned into the manufacturing stage. Using the 3D Design, a 2D pattern is created using the fabric for your custom cover. All materials used to assemble the cover are of the highest quality. Once the cover is designed, it will be attached to the dock by a patented tracking system, creating an easy on/off and maintenance procedure.

Our Cover


Fabric and Warranty

All covers are fabricated using Aqualon® Edge marine grade polyester. With a custom, exact fit your cover will ensure complete environmental protection (sun, bugs, lake water grime, ducks, birds, spiders, and more).

  • Aqualon® marine fabric is an extremely strong, lightweight, and flexible 100% polyester.
  • Aqualon’s superior dimensional stability withstands sagging, stretching, and shrinking to maintain its original fit.
  • Remains flexible and dimensionally stable in all climates.
  • Resistant to mildew, abrasion, water penetration, most petroleum products, and UV rays.
  • The cover comes with a 7 year warranty against fading, peeling, tearing, rotting, and wear. (see warranty guide for all details)

Aqualon Edge performed considerably better vs other marine fabrics with Heat Buildup resulting in improved protection against heat damage to your boat

  • Heat buildup is defined as the increase in temperature above ambient air due to the amount of energy absorbed by a test sample.

Fabrics tested

  • Aqualon Edge
  • Aqualon
  • Single Coated Fabrics – polyester base fabrics coated on one side
  • Double Coated Fabrics – polyester base fabrics coated on both sides
  • Solution Dyed Fabrics – solution dyed fabrics

Aqualon Edge’s heat buildup was:

  • 25% cooler than Aqualon
  • 26% cooler than other single side coated marine fabrics
  • 27% cooler than solution dyed marine fabrics
  • 30% cooler than other double sided coated marine fabrics

Our Color Swatches


Care and Cleaning Instructions:

The cleaning and maintenance for our covers is simple and easy. The best practice is to rinse with a garden hose periodically to prevent dirt, leaves, and other debris from accumulating. To remove dirt, use a soft brush, warm water, and mild soap.

Other Tips:

  • Do not use bleach, steam, pressure washers, or commercial car washes.
  • Let fabric dry completely before storage. Repair accidental tears as soon as possible.