1. “Why do I need this type of cover?”

Our cover is faster, easier to use and more protective than any other cover on the market. Without all the hassles of working with the snaps/buttons, our cover works similarly to a shower curtain. You slide the cover over the boat or slide it back.   And, because our cover envelopes so much of the boat, it provides superior protection from the environment meaning less time spent cleaning your boat and more time using it.

 2. “How do you put on/take off the cover?”

Our cover is hung from a patented pending cable system that allows for easy pulling on and off of the cover. The motion is similar to opening or closing a shower curtain. Most boat owners will walk down the center of the boat pulling the cover. To take the cover off you would reverse the process for putting it on.

 3. How long will it take to put on/take off a PCC cover.

The PCC cover offers unparalleled speed and ease in the putting on and taking off process. Many times the process can be done in less than 1 minute.

4. “Will a PCC cover fit my type of boat?”

Yes. The cover offered by PCC is built from a 3D digitized copy of YOUR boat meaning our PCC cover will perfectly fit your boat. PCC has designed covers for virtually all types of boats including ski type boats, pontoons, cruisers, etc.

5. “Can I use a credit card to purchase the cover?”

Cash, check, and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. There is an additional upcharge of 3% for all credit card transactions.

6. “How long will it take to get my cover?”

Every boat cover is made from an exact 3D representation of your boat. Once the 3D digitization has been done and the deposit paid, it takes approximately 10-15 business days to manufacture the cover. Upon completion of the manufacturing of the cover an appointment will be made to install it.

7. “What colors are available for the cover?”

There is a wide variety of colors available. You can find them on the “How It Works” page.

8. “How long will a PCC cover last?”

There are covers in use that are over 10 years old. The material the cover is made of is warrantied for 7 years and the hardware is warrantied for life meaning many years of usage.

9. “Is the cover waterproof?”

Yes. The Aqualon Edge material the cover is made from is 100% waterproof and requires no work to maintain the waterproof characteristics. There are patented vents on the cover to ensure any water on the boat after covering it will evaporate ensuring no mold or mildew growth.